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Originally Posted by grimfang999 View Post
Good point sally. While not related on guns that is a pretty good explanation of the problems of both sides. The right (at least here) generally is overly traditional or generalises heavilly (My dad thinks Thatcher was the greatest prime minister of all time, but they all miss out the failures of here policies in te first few years, such as doubling the unemployment figures) and ignore situational differences, while the more leftest or liberal sides will see the issues as they are but not put in a significant counterbalance for long term benefit, which is why we saw labour encouraging the banks to lend heavilly under Blair but that lead to the credit crunch. When trying to think of my own policies, I try to look at the situation, the idea, what the idea will do, and how to avoid the problems. Sadly politics currently doesnt seem to do that very well.
Does politics do anything well? lol
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