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Originally Posted by Jessie View Post
Hey everyone! Jessie here-- just wanted to thank you for the T-Shirts, as I've already worn mine several times since Anime Boston. Also, thanks for the fun times, I loved being on your web cam! (yes, that is the first time I've ever said that...) And Kroze, you're my hero. Can't wait to see everyone at CTcon!!

Love to all

-Jessie <3
Thats great that you like the t-shirts!
You should take a pic of you wearing em and post it in the "Post a pic of you wearing your shirt" thread!

And glad you enjoyed the entire webcame thing. It was completely new to us too but I can guaranty you we are totally doing it again sometime since it was so successful.
And YAYZ! I am someone's hero!
But wait... Jessie is a villain... so if I am a villain's hero does that make me also a villain too?

Originally Posted by shad0wth3fall3n View Post
Ya it was! I can't wait we have SOOOO many plans for CTCon as well as Anime Boston 2010! Is kidnapping you guys out of line? >.>
Like Mokuba, I am use to being kidnapped a lot... its why I am dying inside!
Its a normal thing for me!

Hope you two hang around these parts and don't blast off too soon! :P
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