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Originally Posted by animex75 View Post
not lacking there either

Is the judge of that!

Originally Posted by l3o2828 View Post
Caffeine turning cobras into even more cobra-y cobra is an old wives tale used to scare children into drinking Red bull instead. And yes red bull is pure caffeine

Originally Posted by TheOcean View Post
There is a few studies that says it fucks with things, that's all. Better to be safe than sorry I guess.
The rare cup of coffee wouldn't stunt puberty in a child though

Originally Posted by l3o2828 View Post
*sigh* bar I think I may have done something awful to someone last night. I need a hug....*depressed sigh*
What happened?

Originally Posted by l3o2828 View Post
Though I won't make up excuses, I am a generally selfish person, who constantly swims in self pity and anger, ruining the good will of others. Always getting angry about the same things, always complaining about the same thing.

I think I'm hiting a low point in my self esteem life. lol

Wah, don't let my depression kill the BAR.

So everyone, How's Back to The Future day going?
The hell happened?

Also, BTTF day is going fine, there were only a handful of people in the theather though. Not many stayed until the end

Way tooooooooooooo much sitting though
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