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Default W@nt 2 cyb3r (0n m0nd@y?)

If you have been itching for NEW YGOTAS MERCH, or a great YGOTAS gift for the holidays, then we have some awesome news for you!

First off, We have 2 new t-shirt designs! One you have already seen my last post, which is our Limited Edition “In Canada” shirt! However, we also have ANOTHER Limited Edition shirt just in time for the holidays, one that has been requested at about every con that we go to.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Screw the Rules I have Green Hair!

Both these designs are available only for a limited time so act fast and grab yours soon!

However, it's also getting cold this time of year, and maybe a t-shirt isn't gonna cut it keeping you warm this winter. Well, we have a solution to that problem... YGOTAS HOODIES!

That's right! We have hoodies available from some of our NEWEST and most popular designs! Including:
In Canada
In America
Screw the Rules I have Green Hair
Looks Like the Rules Just Got Screwed
Card Games On Motorcycles!

Hoodies will only be available for a limited time as well, so grab one and keep warm this winter... YGOTAS style!

Have bare walls in your cave? Tired of all those signed Kroze pictures hanging in your room (I know I am!) How about covering your walls with the brand new YGOTAS Forever Poster!

This amazing image was created by animagess and we are proud to now sell this amazing poster on!

What's that? STILL NOT ENOUGH? Fine! How about some new ygotas buttons!

That's right we have 2 new buttons sets available for YGOTAS this year!
Button Set #4
Button Set #5

Not only that, you can now also buy all 5 of our sets (25 buttons in total) for the price of a t-shirt. That's a TON of buttons! We're calling it the Super Special Awesome Chocolaty-Covered Mega Ultra Button Set!

We also have 4 shirts on clearance right now, which you can get each shirt for only $9.99! This is the LAST TIME you can grab one of these shirts, so grab them now cause once they are gone they are gone FOREVER!

Phew! That's a lot of YGOTAS merch news. You guys are all set for the holiday season now. Whether it be for a friend, a family member, or yourself, YGOTAS now has merch for everyone this holiday season.

Happy Shopping Everybody!

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