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darkarcher 01-18-2009 01:15 AM

Anime/Manga Forum Rules (PLEASE READ)
Hey guys. Welcome to the forum for discussion of anime and manga. There are just a few rules you should keep in mind when posting in this forum.

1. General forum rules still apply, so make sure you read those.

2. Spoilers for any series should be clearly marked. If you are unsure, go ahead and mark them as spoilers just to be safe. What qualifies as a spoiler should be determined near the beginning of the thread. To mark spoilers, surround your selected text with [sp][/sp] tags.

3. Threads should concern series as a whole, and not just a particular topic in the series. All topics concerning a given anime/manga should be kept in the thread for that series.

4. Please try to limit the number of pictures that you post in the threads. Only post a picture if it is relevant to the current discussion. Otherwise, there are threads elsewhere that you may post pictures.

5. No trolling is allowed in the threads. If you dislike a series, you may say so and provide a list of reasons. However, do not simply post something like "____ sucks" without providing any reason.

6. Any anime or manga strictly involving ecchi themes should be discussed in the Mature (15+) subforum for Ecchi Anime/Manga

I've tried to keep the rules simple. If there are any problems, they may be amended later. Well, have fun everyone.

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