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  1. Face
    The one you linked last time ( )

    and the first one you linked here ( )

    Have a lot in common with the main difference being a slightly better performing processor in the latter. Both processors aren't the greatest, but if I had to choose I would choose the latter.

    The second one ( ) has an even better performing processor with better graphics (though all of them use intel graphics and not a separate graphics cards), a bit more ram, and a better battery.

    Between this one and the first one, it will depend on what you want to do with the laptop. the second has a 6 cell battery compared to the 4 cell of the first one, which would be helpful if plan to use it for a while without plugging it in. From googling around, the battery life with the 6 cell battery should be around 3 hours 40 minutes, depending on usage. So the life of 4 cell battery would likely be about 2/3rds of that.

    None will be great when it comes to fancy games, but the second one should fare a bit better.

    Something to also factor in would be how long you expect to go before upgrading again. If you expect to replace it in a year or two or maybe three, the first might be alright, the performance isn't as great but the price is significantly less. If you need to go longer, the second might be the better option, costs more but the higher performance should make it more bearable.
  2. Zairak
    So where are our new forum members?

    I mean, geez, it's like you couples aren't even trying.
  3. Zairak
    So how's that matrimony bit working out for you?
  4. Gamemaster300
    Everybody huh, then it's just like madness
  5. musigal
    Just the cheesecake. ;)
  6. musigal
    I'm not gonna have too many vendors. Just the cheesecake people. And it's gonna be at my granddad's church (he's officiating), and etc. So it'll work out, I think =)

    I never got too annoyed about the date asking lol. But James sometimes did, cause we were waiting on him to get a job so he wouldn't feel like a useless. :|
  7. musigal
    He actually is going to start part time at a new job on Monday! So we're gonna start the process of figuring out a date this next week. :D
    At the very very latest it'll be late January before his dad leaves for Afghanistan. But hopefully sooner than that (like December).
    I've been number crunching all night to make sure we'll be able to survive, and it works!
  8. Ebilkittyprincess28
    You're welcome
  9. Ebilkittyprincess28
    Tbh I couldn't think of anything else
  10. Ebilkittyprincess28
    Okay I turned my game back on and opened up my gate. I'm in front of the station whenever you're ready to come over

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