This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'Save us!'... and Gon's Balls will whisper 'First... comes... rock!' Hah!  Made you stare at Naruto's Marshmallow!  Pushing the logo off-center to drive TheOcean insane.  
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  1. MuffinPaula
    OMG srry for super duper late reply. I actually almost forgot about this site T.T
  2. bakurachick
    happy birthday!
  3. Fat1Fared
    =my chinese is pretty average, but I can get by on a tourist level, my japanese is lot better, but some of it is bit random lol
    -my korean is woeful <<

    =hmmm, well I don't believe in god, but agree with rest of it ^^

    =I actually meant the film, not the series lol, I am more similar with Avatar abridged than Avatar the actual series lol

    =man animes and manga's love their highschool plots haha

    =Xiexie, Wo Hen Ganji ^^
  4. Fat1Fared
    =Ping yin, a romanised form of mandarin, though I wrote it without the tones because lazy lol, one of the very few lines I remember lol

    =suppose depends a lot on what want to do with life, I have always wanted to be lawyer/politician <_<; so education pretty important for me....but that me :)

    =he is indeed interesting, however ironically the problem with light is that very confidence, he takes a very Kantian view of morality; viewing everything on a very black and white, categorical imperative of right and wrong; the problem is that he is just one person and so can never hold the whole truth of right and wrong...../the boundaries between it and this is why he was doomed from the start, but still enthralling to watch.
    -I can never personally accept death as justifiable form of justice, because to me the greatest act someone can do in justice is redemption and death sort of leaves no room for that, with person being dead and all o_0, though some greats can never be made up for, the person enacting them can at least learn to regret them....and though who can should be split from society, not just kulled, because everyone deverses a chance and if we don't give them that chance, then we become just like those we damn and in that is Lights final failure, by the end he had lost almost all sight of everything he believed and more interested in punishing those who stood in his way, than he was in actually enforcing political and social reform, thus he had fallen beyond even the worst of the scum he has killed in his life (of course this just me and I am idealist lol)

    =yup, when things like avatar are considered classic, it pretty depressing lol; I like things like school rumble a lot of time, because while Anime's like school rumble are not classic in context, at least their content is original and willing to try something new

    =never seen it, what is it about????? may give it a look ^^
  5. Fat1Fared
    =Bukuqichi , wo yo hen mang ^^ (thats ok, I am also busy) lol-what is work? Mine is a dissentation of the links between morality and law; as a presentation regarding the asscertianing of inter-alta state juristiction lol

    =yup, I concur whole heartily ^^ His morals being twisted and yet still understandable are what make him great character, because appeals to that dark side of our self which believes in total justice despite knowing it is evil; I mean I think the idea of the death penalty abhorrent on all levels but understand that will allur those who are "weak" (as light puts it) because defends them and this what makes light amazing, you don't know if he is good or bad, because for every evil to him their is the conflicting results of positive good.
    -typical=normal=average=boring ^^ (I mean one which is well done, can be watchable, but never anything to write home about, :()
  6. Fat1Fared
    =just like battle royale o0

    =you just became perfect lol.....Hail earths new god lol....I love the self-contradiction mixed with grayed out morals, he presents, such interesting character...far better than bring L

    =haha, this probably true actually..too much sake that night lol
  7. Fat1Fared
    Well suppose, he loves what we do and sees us like a game or something o_0

    =Light is my hero <>_<> lol

    =yer, that would have been cool, but suppose they were working on keeping up his mystic or something o_0
  8. Fat1Fared
    =yess......yessss......burn them all hahahaha

    =I concur with your premise with a whole hearted sincerity ^_-
    -though I think the writers were playing with the term I love...... I actually don't think he loves humans in the literal sense of the words at all o_0. I actually think his prima facie feelings are simply ones of malevolence
    -So what he really means is that he loves what humans do.....a subtle but very distancing and profound difference. It is like if I say.....I love Ed Burn's (comedian in UK) I do not actually love Ed Burns par-say, I love what Ed Burns does, which is, makes jokes which makes others laugh.....
    -While Izaya is more nefariousness than this, I think what he loves is the way humans are so neurotic and timorous, which would go some way to explaining why he constantly manipulates us +_+

    =Shizuo is cool, but I personally like Izaya still because he is so a subtle character (I do like Shizuo's glasses though lol)
  9. Fat1Fared
    =hmmmmm, well we could just burn him as well <_<.......

    =I think they sort of set the feel for whole show lol, but seriously sure some real acedemic media studies debate there haha

    =yes I agree she is ^^, but I also felt she could have been a little more.......don't know.... mystifying, I felt at times her character was to much of lost little girl in bad big body and not enough, ancient spirit
    -Izaya Orihara was character I found most enthralling because never let you get handle on him
  10. Fat1Fared
    =lol, don't worry, wakaimasu......and I agree, now lets start burning everything <evil grin>

    =your lucky you can do the puppy dog eyes on your sensei's, I had survive on charms alone >_>

    =sorry was in rush when wrote that lol, it was based on a song (which turned out not to actually be opening song o0) and the word itself had really strange meaning, <sigh> someone explained it all to me but I have habit of not tuning things out lol
    -poor celty, she runs round like headless chicken at head......yay I made a pun :)

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