This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'Save us!'... and Gon's Balls will whisper 'First... comes... rock!' Hah!  Made you stare at Naruto's Marshmallow!  Pushing the logo off-center to drive TheOcean insane.  
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  1. maisetofan
    Yes i think it does come from american influence, i mean the majority of the "hot" females who are accepted, like Carmen electra and megan fox and so on are from america or were made famous over there, and there is a definite stance on that, like if you have fake straightened hair and a thin body and fake as boobs you are automatically gorgeous and accepted. I prefer women with curves like america fererra from ugly betty and Beyonce knowles although she is damn fine lol but she has a womanly figure, even kim kardashian has curves but she was born into money and most of these socialites do not know anything outside of their own fashion obsessed hollyworld really
    Yeah i was the retard or the dumb ass when i knew more about social issues and history than they did, my cousins girlfriend was really popular, and she was the one who did not know who the pope was or what Vietnam meant so i explained it to her and she got a few of the nastier bitches to be nicer to me because in her opinion i knew "school stuff" lolz

    Yeah its totally ironic but these days its the prettier, the sportier and the stupider that get the attention, look at the famous people, paris hilton for example, she has money and had the chance to be educated and do something profound with her life, but she makes a mess of herself all the time. Lindsay lohan, mischa barton, britney spears, none of them when interviewed could name all fifty states and that is really sad.
    Hilary duff is one of the only exceptions because she did not become a trash bag drunk and she is not stupid either, she also kept her image clean unlike miley cyrus who is taking the "britney road"
    I myself think divas are awesome, like janet jackson and Christina A and even Lady gaga because she comes from a well educated family, she composes and choreographs all her own music and she is a new sensation sort of like madonna and david bowie mixed together, plus she writes all her own music too and plays piano and guitar so she is actually a lot smarter and very musically minded but people do not see that, they just label her a "Freak" because of her out there costumes and lyrics but she is actually a very smart woman and business minded so good on her

    anyway i still love your pics
    Sorry if i am not posting much these days, i am feeling very sick with my bowel and intestine issues, il be glad when its all sorted
    ttyl xxxo
  2. maisetofan
    aww you are sweet
    yes its true, the education system is here is rather bad, but its also because the popular kids never listen as you may know its not popular to be smart. Being good at sports, good looking, fit and stupid seems to be more important, what pissed me off was when i was called the RETARD because i was socially terrified but kids would ask me about historic questions when it came to our world war two presentation, the kids in my class came to me and asked "who was killed in the holocaust?" "it was the chinese right?" so yeah i had to set them straight and tell them what happened and which dictators were in power and so on and then they were like "oh you are not a retard"
    Well doh

    Yeah high school memories, i was not the person i am today, i was a mess, i was frail, pale and had messy frizzy hair and no voice literally. Being the 90's there was no compassion for social anxiety so I was repeatedly told to "get over it" "its all in your head" and the best line was from a teacher who said "you are an enigma"
    Lovely right?

    I started school in 1989 and there was a dentist who used to hit kids that cried and she hit me when i screamed, really looking back she should have been reported, and my cousin suffered a bad blow to the face from her too but nothing was done
    sheesh this was only the late 80's
  3. Outenkun
    Clowns are srs bsnss Dx *is also scared of clowns* but I'm glad he tried to cheer you up <3 I would too!
    and I doubt you'd flatten me! I'm quite strong! ;D so feel free to fall on me whenever you want <3

    and yeah, masochism is smexy! xD

    woot! vampirized mode! >D now we need coffins to sleep in!

    I got to go now sadly, sister will wake up and give me a lecture >> ;

    Hope to see you around! it's always fun and nice talking to you <3 you make my internet interesting~

    see you sexy vampire lady! <3
  4. Outenkun
    d'aww! I'd kill your heater, but I'm afraid you'll get cold in winter D:

    I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope you get better soon! just try to relax and don't do things that may make you tired or in danger! try eating lentils, they have lots of iron, so that you don't faint D: since I'm not there to catch you ;w;

    I also hate needles DX what kind of sick bastard invented them? (probably pasteur xD) but I think they're terrible too! so another thing in common!
    and don't slap your pretty self! you don't deserve it ;o;

    and yeah! let's vampirize! (does that word even exist? xD)
  5. Outenkun
    *lets her breath* sorry for that, you make me happy x3
    what?! terrible day!?! who do I have to kill?! tell me! >__>!
    yeah, the sleeping thing, I think sleeping during day is the only alternative left XD, but srsly, are you ok sweetie? D:
  6. Outenkun
    You're here?!
    I've missed you! how've you been today?~
  7. maisetofan
    yeah i have started a bit of all of them and have sent off one
    i need to finish my other new zealand based book
    i do think education and reading does do alot when it comes to intelligence in the sense that common knowledge, any knowledge really is better than none at all
    i mean my cousins girlfriend was so poorly educated she said

    "What's the pope?" and "What does Vietnam mean?" she actually asked those questions?

    How can you grow up in a civilized western country and not know who or what the pope is, he is one of the most revered public figures in the world, it would be like asking what the queen was or what does the president mean? LOL
    Stupidity is a disease, though i say "get well soon"
  8. Outenkun
    Wow! extreme sports?! see? you're totally awesome! <3! I'd love to go bat caving, hope to do it soon, I also want to try the bungee xD but my family is kind of against it!

    I also love animals :D I think they're cute and pretty intelligent, with a lot of personality, that's why I became vegetarian like a year ago XD not long, but, better late than never hahaha

    And yeah for masochism! ;D <3 sexy masochism!
    /and yes, we do talk spanish here!/ Hola linda! ;D

    and I bet you look cute >>, I mean you're a really cute person! that makes you officially cute :D

    well lovely, see you around gtg before my sister gets up in 10 minutes and scolds me for trying to be a vampire xD

    take care! loved talking with you! hope to continue later! <33
  9. Outenkun
    Just two, you can't take more D:, sadly
    I'm from Mexico, in the other side of the world :V !

    You must be one of the most interesting persons out there! /people at school when asked that say "I like watching tv...and hanging out with friends/ makes me wonder if that really is all

    I also liked astronomy a lot! sadly Im not that good at math and physics and there aren't astronomy careers here D:

    Skydiving! you're intense! I'd love to do that, specially cause I have phobia to high places, I'm kind of a masochist xD, weren't you scared?

    And I bet you look just cute yelling at your brother <3
  10. Outenkun
    Thanks a lot, and of course I will!! <3

    I have only this week...then I'll enter summer classes, but I'd rather take them so I can advance with the difficult subjects quickly than suffer them during the semester D:

    Just to know more about you, what are your hobbies? :D
    I guess you know mine by now

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