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  1. Cycil
    Yes, I watched it when it came out in... 2003 I guess? I loved it from the start, now even knowing what it was about XD""""
    But I didn't have the nerve to watch the whole anime, because they aired the censored version and along the way the voice actor of Yami Bakura changed, but I liked the old one better :/
    So I didn't watch the last season and the two filler ones at all : /
  2. Rare289
    I agree. I want to see Bakura completely diss dartz's council and then come back to Marik's in a "not" gayess way. I also want to see crapsule monsters.
  3. Cycil
    Awww XD
    Yeah, I totally get that...
    I started to watch all episodes and even a friend of mine, who wasn't interested in YGO loves it now as much as me XD
    And then you get addicted and can't stop : O

    ...actually I like it that way .v."
    Have you watched YGO before?
  4. Cycil
    Oh... just last year : )
    I think I started watching it in May or something about that...
    Just stumbled across the episode "The death of Tristan Taylor" while watching Digimon Abridged .v.
    And you?
  5. Cycil
    Thanks, I'm actually pretty fine right know, although I'll have to take care of a lot of stuff in the next weeks .v."
    What are you doing? .v.
  6. Rare289
    Agreed, almost everything LK does is funny and i hope there is more to come.
  7. Rare289
    No, i haven't but i saw littlekuriboh's version of it in that one episode but if the actual singapore dub is anything like that it must be hilarious.
  8. Cycil
    Hey : )
    How are you?
  9. Rare289
    That's cool. I like these abridges because they are just so funny! I hate it when i find an abridged show that is just so terrible i want to turn my computer off.
  10. Rare289
    I watch Dragon ballz Abridged, hellsing abridged, TOME, Yugioh GX abridged by Shadyvox, Naruto the spoof series, avatar abridged, and pokemon abridged. What do you watch?

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    Bakura Lover :3
    In Britain, drinking tea.
    Bla bla bla bla card games bla BLA
    Sword Dancing, Drawing, Fanfictioning, cosplaying...
    School I guess??
    I've been into YGOTAS since either last summer or the summer before. I forget :). I also like DBZ abridged, TOME, YGXTAS, and basically most abridged series. My friend says I'm quite predictable as when she asks me what my favourite characters are from an abridged series that include some of the major abridgers, I will usually say any characters voiced by LK or ShadyVox :)


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