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Conversation Between LittleKuriboh and kudos
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  1. kudos
    Hey LK :)

    what follows is a RANDOM STORY FROM COMIC-CON 2010 from the perspective of one faithful member of the TAS forum community, Kudos (aka Praise Hewitt):

    So I finally got to go to Comic-Con this year (after living in Southern California for so long, it's kind of a crime that I haven't been already) on Sunday, and YOU were there as well. :D

    I know you weren't there as a guest and were just enjoying the con, but regardless, I was hoping to bump into you and tell you how amazing the abridged series is, and maybe fangirl a little, get a photo and an autograph... the typical. Alas, it was not to be.

    The friendly staff at the sharkrobot booth said that they had seen you and that you were wearing the Duke Devlin T-shirt. I looked for you all day and probably drove my boyfriend crazy by thinking that every red shirt was possibly you. The day passed, and I finally gave up on seeing you. Then we went back to the sharkrobot booth at the end of the day to buy shirts... and they said that we had missed you (and Kroze and everyone) by literally two minutes. TWO MINUTES! ... so... unfair... ;~; I had wanted to glomp Kroze unexpectedly .

    So I was sad that I missed you, but the rest of the con was fantastic. I hope you come again next year, and maybe then all my hopes and dreams won't be crushed like a unicorn egg under the foot of a redwood ent. (YES UNICORNS LAY EGGS... AND ENTS CAN TOTALLY BE THAT TALL. >:V... promise )

    >.> *fades into the shadows*
  2. kudos
    Hey LK, just thought I'd randomly post on your page saying hi and that I hope you're having a stupendously awesome day :D

    I'm on your website postin' on your visitor messages

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