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Conversation Between maisetofan and LKfan97
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  1. LKfan97
    I hope everything goes well for you and your baby.
    Yes. It is great to be loved. I've needed this so bad. He keeps me grounded. :D

    The Republicans this time around are idiots. Newt= too old. Mitt= Too Rich. Anyone else hasn't made a big enough impression for me to care.
  2. maisetofan
    thank you, yes it is nice although I have not been well during the pregnancy, I am in pain alot of the time and am being tested for gestational diabetes which can happen during pregnancy but usually goes after birth, so that is hard but I do not have long to go :D about fourteen weeks left. I am glad you are so happy with your guy, its really nice isnt it? xoxoxoxo

    well I do hope that obama gets another term as I hold out little hope for the republican runners up in the elections :/
  3. LKfan97
    Cool. That's so great. A planned baby and married... you are on a perfect plan here. Good job. :D

    Yeah he knows. He loves me too. It's fantastic. I never thought he would ever return the feeling, but he did and I've never been happier. :) He makes me smile so much more than anyone else could ever.
    And yeah, it is just America. All the bull with the Gov right now is embarrassing. I am ashamed majority of the time. We're all a laughing stock. I will get away sooner or later, if I could gather the funds and things of that nature. :)
  4. maisetofan
    hello, yes I do still exist lol :D yeah we both thought it was a girl from the moment I found out I was expecting, we had planned for it too. I am pretty sick though, usually by the first 12-16 weeks of pregnancy most women eel great but I am still sick and in my last fourteen weeks of pregnancy, due in early june, not long to go.

    Ah so is this love unrequited? or does he know and like you back? aww poor u yes its probably america haha one day you can move though right?
  5. LKfan97
    Hello my dear friend. Glad to see you still exist.
    OMG! You're pregnant! That's great. A little girl, awww. So cute.
    I am doing great. I am madly in love with my best friend and such. I am just living it up and trying to survive in this pit of despair known as Earth.... or may be it's just America. Lol
  6. maisetofan
    Hellllo its been awhile since I last visited
    Ive been busy with lots of stuff and been really sick recently oh and I am six months pregnant :D :D we are having a wee girl, its all happening xoxoxo
    yeah i still love my anime well mainly yugioh and still adore seto x mai, how r u going?
  7. LKfan97
    It's okay. I understand that you were busy... getting married. Congrats by the way. I want to get married at that age. It's a nice age.
    Aww. I know you don't visit much, but I don't think you'll ever be able to forget your love for it.
    Ooo, sounds nice. A nice family of your own with the one you love... so perfect. XD
    I hope you don't completely forget this site. XD Love ya, and good luck with your new life with your hubby. <3
  8. maisetofan
    OMG sorry its taken months to reply
    guess what? i am married :D 25 and married its a dream come true
    i hardly visit this site anymore as my anime love has gone down a lot and i am busy wiht work, looking for a place to rent and thinking and praying about starting a family
    but i am on facebook so add me, u can see my hubby too :D
  9. LKfan97
    Sorry to hear that. That must be crazy. I know how it is to hold your breath and pray that it all stays together. I was in Hurricane Rita and Ike. That shit was crazy. Ike stuck me with 2 weeks without power. All I did was chill outside and listen to the radio, hoping they would say something about the power being fixed. And it was like 80 and above the whole freaking time so we baked inside and outside. At least we had clean water. Well, good luck with the clean up and stuff. Wish I could help.
  10. maisetofan
    your side fo the forms eh? you mean the YGO abridged discussions and character threads? :D :D
    well its been pretty hectic right now with the earthquake shaking us all up literally
    our house managed to survive but the houses next to us are in bad shape and the roads are bumpy and buildings look like they have been bombed, we drove out of christchurch and went up north pretty much a few hours after the quake hit and my sister was okay, because she witnessed some devastating scenes because she was in the central city where it happened. we are back now only to pack our belongings and leave

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