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Conversation Between Daeth and Outenkun
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  1. Outenkun
    Looooong time no see, girl, whatcha doin?
    I kind of really missed you!
  2. Daeth
    You're back! *waves* I missed you ^_^
    I thought you got eaten by rabid cacti of something >_>;;;

    Yey for no gore! ^_^ I don't know, sometimes anime gore freaks me out as well. I don't mind blood but explicit and overkill guts spewing everywhere is nuuuuuuu @_@

    LOL and I like your artistic one ^_^
    Well, I have at least started with the background on one of my canvases. I am painting something for my cousins in England so now I have to do it, lol. No more excuses.

    So you want to make a comic with Bakura and Marik as different things? Like bunnies? O_O
    I like the sound of that ^_^

    *shifty eyes* All I have at the moment is a drawing of a character I designed..all my other stuff is still in South Africa..>_>;;

    I love your stuff. Really pretty. Do you use a drawing tablet?
    And you should! D: People can be so inconsiderate.

    That sounds really interesting. I will see if I can find it on-line and read it. Lol I see you like villains ~ I tend to like them more than the protagonists..they are usually a lot more interesting.

    How are you doing? How are your classes? The work still interesting?
    My life is pretty boring at the moment. I need to work through some stuff to finalise my studies and it's very tedious >_>;;
  3. Outenkun
    I don't like gore either! , maybe anime, but not real Dx

    Bunny...yum yum...I like your strange mind, lovely~!

    Please do! I'm sure you'll find the motivation and will like your paintings! I wish I could paint D:

    About the drawing, I plan to make it a small comic, I've got the sketches of the other two pages but haven't fixed them xD
    what did you have in mind? :o

    I'd love to see a drawing of yours! :D

    As for the girl, I kinda like it, but yeah, she can be better *nod nod*

    You'll always be loved! ;D and I'm sure your feet are lovely, you just haven't realized it yourself! and don't worry about me, sweetheart, I'll bite people that stomp me next time :D

    My name, Outenkun? it's a character from one of the greatest manga ever! Hoshin Engi, the story is fantastic and the characters are all lovely. Outenkun is one of the villains, I adore him, his personality is fantastic... here's a pic
    the one hugging him is Dakki, the main villain and his mother, sexy girl too~

    I identify with Outenkun a lot, for some reason

    my summer classes are going good until now ^-^ thanks for asking, dearie!

    How about you? haven't been on for long time, school has kept me really busy :S
    how have been these last days? anything new? :D
  4. Daeth
    Um, I think it is too goreish according to me, but I don't like that kind of stuff so it might just be me. I tend not to like all really...@_@;;

    YESSSS ^_^ You could use the Kitty and the Bunny, a Ninja (we actually have a thread like that on here) a Wizard, a Vampire, a Musician, a Tutor (with glasses), a Taylor (but like old England style), a Phantom (like Phantom of the Opera), a Naga or like a Mythological humanoid? Just some random ideas from my very strange mind, sorry @_@;;;

    LOL no if I do that it has the opposite effect. It just makes me depressed because it so literally shows me how suck my skills are lol >_>;;;
    I suppose I should just start and than I might motivate myself to go on...

    Oh good lord I really suck at maths...@_@...I wish I could do it though, I love doing it, I am just really bad at it..really, really bad..
    Awe! I would love to see them. I really love anatomy.
    I don't want to hang around in hospitals though, I really dislike being there. The smell is terrible. It freaks me out.

    *pats your head* I won't hurt you. You just needed some sense slapped into you for saying your stuff is trash. Becauseitisn't! *pointing repeatedly and accusingly* Itisawesome!!

    *opens violin link*
    . . .
    *has a fit* That is SO AWESOME!!! The art is so beautiful! It really is so lovely, I love it!
    It is a little different from what I pictured in my head..maybe I should attempt a drawing and scare you with it..
    But it is so awesome! *waves hand dismissively* And Yugi's hair looks fine, don't worry about it. Your style is great.

    Diebuster? I have never heard of it, but your pic is awesome! The pose is great and the proportions are good. I think you should put in some more shadowing. *nods*

    *appreciates the love* It's nice to know that someone does ^_^ I <3 you too.

    LOLOLOL You only think it is because you haven't seen it. I don't like them at all >_>;;
    And I generally do, I am just a little clumsy sometimes. Grace eludes me when I need it >_>
    You should speak for yourself yoo. You need to take care of yourself as well and not let random people stomp on your feet. *nods*

    I am curious about your name~. Does it mean anything in particular? O_o

    Good luck with all your summer classes, I hope you enjoy them and that they don't keep you too busy.
  5. Outenkun
    Wow, sounds horrific and yet it too gorish?

    Mmm yeah, there are lots of interesting things to torture Bakura and Malik with hahaha, I was thinking on creating an art meme, you know, the "draw your fav character as..." thingie,(like this
    wanted to put 10 options, any tips, sweetie? :D

    Mmm cute kitty, I like it~ or a bunny rabbit! his batwings in his hair resemble bunny ears XD

    Waaah, why is that? you could try watching paintings of artists you like, or doing something you enjoy, it works for me, sometimes I get inspired by watching wonderful works and I want to work hard and get to be that good, talking to you motivates me too!

    The programming? some basic programs for answering mathematical problems... but any error and it just won't run...damn program!

    Yeah! they were absolutely adorable! some of them were expanding on the base of the culture flask to grow, they looked small and white, but the nucleus was so evident it was pretty awesome :D. They are from patients from the hospital with some difficult illnesses searching for cellular therapy (i'm just a freelancer there, xD but makes me happy just looking around hahaha)

    Ou, well maybe I deserved that o_x...please hurt me! ;D haha jk, Thanks for your kindness! *bows*

    About the violin scene, I did this but I'm not too sure about it...maybe I should trace it? and Yugi's hair loves torturing me DX
    also I drew a character from Diebuster using photoshop, I liked it a bit better....but still don't like it overall...what do you think?

    and I love you~!

    Nuuu I don't think your foot is silly! It's so awesome I like it and I haven't even seen it! please take good care of yourself ;A; I don't want you ending up in a hospital or something (those things are horrible x_x)
    I'm glad it doesn't hurt you though

    Me? oh I'm fine~ it doesn't hurt and the bruise is almost gone! :D thanks for asking, btw <3
  6. Daeth
    It's rather freaky's about this guy that kills people and than he makes a website 'Kill with' and than he streams live video of the person he is killing. And the more people log on to watch the person die, the faster he dies...but it's very gruesome ways of dying @_@;;;;;

    *shifty eyes* Hm. Well that sucks. We will have to come up with an even better idea for you. *nods*

    LOL you could actually draw him as a cute kitty ^_^ And that is actually a good idea for a deal.

    Um, some painting I want to do but I lack motivation lol @_@

    I'm not good with computers, but I think it's very, very handy for anything you want to do today. What do they make you do?

    Oh! You are so lucky! I would love to see stem cells! What do they look like? What was it from?

    *slaps you on the head* Your stuff is not trash. They are awesome. Don't make me hurt you for talking such rubbish _
    I would never be disappointed with any of your awesome drawings! >_>

    *gets glomped* Awe, I love your stuff, there is no need to thank me ^_^ lol

    My foot was actually bleeding again today. I just looked at it and laughed. Such a silly thing it is. At least it doesn't hurt. How about yours?
  7. Outenkun
    Untraceable, haven't seen it, what is it about?~

    Yes, Sherlock~ but somebody just drew him as Sherlock in deviantart XD, and Malik as Watson, I'll pass you the link when I find it

    As for the bet...hmmm maybe would as random people if Bakura is a kitten, and if the majority answered "yes" he would be the nice farmer? *shot*

    Research and hobbies sounds awesome! which projects do you have in mind?

    My classes are fine, though I don't really like programming in the computer x_x I find it kind of difficult DX

    I got some practices at a lab and got to see stem cells! I was so excited, they were so pretty

    I've also been drawing like crazy in crazy attempts to become better, I'll show you my trash later, cause you're the only person I feel would not be too disappointed of me about my drawing obsession, and I really thank you and love you for that ;w; *tackles and glomps*

    how is your foot going?

    hope you're healthy, dearie!
  8. Daeth
    LOL No you could distribute it as evidence before I get there >_>;;;
    Hmmm. Internet killing...that reminds me of Untraceable..have you seen it? O_O

    Well you managed. It's awesome. I love your stuff!! <3<3<3
    He does look cute..I think he would look good as a detective! Like Sherlock Holmes @_@;;; *shot*

    What bet would he lose to Malik? O_O

    Yosha! Research for my hobbies, studies and volunteer work *nods*

    How are your classes going? Are your lecturers al right or are they boring?
  9. Outenkun
    You could show them to me, that way I could do lots of sketches before you arrive here and kill me! it'd be motivation! :D

    Thanks! and yeah, I was laughing when I made it, I just wanted him to look cute for once, maybe I should do a continuation where he lost a bet to Malik or something xD

    Reading and research? sounds interesting, about what? :o

    My summer classes are kind of difficult, but at least they haven't bored me ...yet D:
  10. Daeth
    *shifty eyes* Yes. Yes I do. But I hide them away. *shifty eyes more* If I show them to you I must kill you. And that would mean no more sketches. And I really cant have that since they make me happy~

    * clicks on link*
    *waits for page to open*
    *stares at pic*
    *stares some more*
    SO PRETTY! ^_^

    I love it! Lol But I think being a farmer is too 'happy' for Bakura. Too much sunshine lol
    Hmm ^_^ I just want to run my hands through his hair!
    If I were you though, I would put a little more definition into the feet. *nods*

    My day is filled with lots and lots of reading. Doing research >_>
    How was summer classes?

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